Wine Tasting in Walla Walla

The scents of fresh-turned earth and fruit will greet you in Walla Walla, a southeastern Washington town peppered with wineries.

It’s true, Walla Walla is among the state’s best-known wine tourism regions. More than 100 wineries call the college town home, and there are more ways than can be counted to visit them. Touring by area of town may be most expeditious, but another trick is to choose a favorite varietal—syrah or cabernet, for example—and visit the wineries that specialize in it. Often you’ll discover wines not on the shelves in your home market.

Planning a day of tasting by varietal is easy: the Walla Walla Wine Alliance provides a map and guide to the tasting rooms and lists the varietals those wineries pour. And a mobile version makes a Walla Walla wine tour all the easier.

Visit during special event weekends such as Spring Release in May, Celebrate Walla Walla Valley Wine in June or December's Holiday Barrel Tasting, and it’s virtually guaranteed all wineries will be open. For a more intimate tasting experience, and the opportunity to chat with the people behind the wine, consider visiting on non-event weekends and making appointments with wineries you especially want to visit.

Once your lips are stained, your cellar is stocked and you can’t imagine raising one more glass to your lips, take time to explore the other sides of Walla Walla. The city’s quaint downtown makes for a great afternoon stroll, especially on Saturdays from May to October when the farmers market is in full swing at the corner of Fourth and Main streets, and on first Fridays, May through December, when numerous galleries, studios and museums open their doors for an art walk.

—Julie H. Case

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