If you consider yourself a beach lover, Westport will be one of your favorite towns in Washington.  With the nickname, “Porthole to the Beach,” Westport embraces all there is to love about a quaint beach town.  From a scenic boardwalk at the end of Neddie Rose Drive, you’ll be greeted with fishermen and sightseers from all around.  Check out the boats entering and leaving the port from this boardwalk and the abundant array of birds that flock around the tidal flats and sand dunes.  Get your feet wet and spend some time digging clams as Razor Clams are plentiful on the beaches of Grayland and North Cove.  Not only are they fun to dig, but they’re yummy as well.  When you’re done at the beach, make sure you take a stroll into some of the quaint antique stores that line the street ,so you can walk away with a wonderful souvenir from your time in Westport.
Grays Harbor Convention and Visitors Bureau
PO Box 1229
Elma, WA 98541
Westport Trip Ideas
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