Extreme and WAY Out There Winter Adventures in Washington

For those who always want just a little more adventure.....

(aka, “Go Big or Go Home")

Heli Skiing
For access to completely untouched, deep North Cascades powder, heli-skiing is the way to go. According to Outside Magazine, North Cascade Heli Skiing is ranked in the top 10 places to heli-ski in North America (including Canada and Alaska). “You’ll be guaranteed at least seven runs a day. And if you’ve never been to this side of the North Cascades, the word cement does not apply. Start dreaming of fluffy, and almost Alaska big.” 

Luge at the Loup 
Now the first area in the Western US to offer Luge Sledding! 5 km and more than 1200 feet of elevation gain, with 12 km of groomed luge trails.

Ice Climbing
Because regular climbing is just not COLD enough - how about ice climbing?  Washington State has lots of water and in the winter, a lot of that water turns to ice, creating a whole 'nother way to explore Mother Nature. With over 20 different areas to explore, you'll have more than enough ice to satisfy your craving for adventure. With names like Death Picnic and Tracks of my Fears, you know you're in for "interesting" times.  Check out the Intermountain Ice Project for where and when to go. PS - Make sure you know your gear and know your sport - that this is a dangerous endeavor should go without saying. 

Find Bigfoot
With over 600 reported sightings of the elusive Sasquatch, Washington State comes in #1 for the (dubious) honor of "most Bigfoot sightings". And with the new Bigfoot Adventure Tour Company, you can jump in a van and get a professional to guide you around the wild woods in the North Cascades near Bellingham, Wa. Whether or not you believe in the beloved legend, you can be sure that your tales of your Bigfoot tour will entertain all your friends when you are back home safe.